Executive Chamber

The Centre of Influence

The Icon is defined by sleek, minimalist design. The black-painted tabletop glass, the waterfall edge, and the elegant blend of dual colours in immaculate finish scales up the aesthetic appeal of the entire set. It’s stand-out comfort, style and elegance will boost your mood while working. 

Storage and Style Perfected

The Icon’s modern main desk offers not only a sleek aesthetic but also multiple storage solutions that seamlessly complement its contemporary look. This fusion of style and efficiency enhances your workspace for a more organized and visually pleasing environment.

The Epitome of Executive Seating

Our brown leather boss chair is the pinnacle of luxury and functionality. It offers an adjustable mechanized headrest, high back for superior support, an aluminum die-cast polished base, and a knee tilt synchro mechanism with multi-position locking, providing unparalleled comfort and ergonomic efficiency for your workspace.

Sleek and Breathable

Our black leather chair seamlessly combines style with breathability, offering a modern seating solution that’s perfect for your contemporary workspace. With its sleek design and comfortable support, it’s the ideal choice for staying productive in style.

Tranquil Ambiance for Work

Our framed photograph captures the peaceful allure of a boat’s starry reflection. It serves as a source of inspiration and calm within your office workspace, bringing a touch of natural beauty and tranquility to your daily tasks.

Your Versatile Work Companion

Our wooden laptop table provides a sturdy and adaptable platform for working, studying, or browsing. Crafted with attention to detail, this table offers both style and convenience, making it the ideal solution for a more comfortable and efficient workspace.

Red Rocket Blooms

Our red rocket flowers infuse your workspace with the energy and vibrancy of a rocket launch. These fiery blossoms create a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere, motivating your creativity and fueling your workday with fresh vigor.

Green Serenity in Style

Our green plant and planter combine the tranquility of nature with your personal style. The lush greenery thrives in a well-chosen planter, transforming your space into a refreshing oasis that invigorates and inspires.